What you need to know before you go...

Retreat and discover a sense of personal connection to the wilderness so that, in turn, you are able to offer to yourself and your readers a truly authentic voice. 

Ellenabeich, Seil Island and the wildness that surrounds it offer us a magical space to nourish our spirits, quiet our minds and relax our bodies. When you allow nature to become your source of revitalization, you'll rediscover, and develop, your personal creative energy. You'll learn where it comes from, how it manifests in your writing and how you can use it to re-imagine yourself and harness your own authority as a writer.


"...of course they came here

they had fewer distractions

and were part of these waves 

and this sky

as we are."


from A Mackerel Sky by Norman Bissell

Garragh Mhor

Argyle & Bute, West Cost Scotland


You'll be staying at Garragh Mhor, a relaxing and comfortable cottage, lovingly hosted by Jan & Daz.  Situated at edge of the village of Ellenabeich with its own private walled garden and spectacular views across the old quarry pool to the island seascape beyond




All food at Garragh Mhor is vegetarian.


You will get breakfast each morning.


A delicious light lunch served on Sat & Sun 


A fabulous dinner on Fri & Sun


Dinner on Sat will be at the  Oyster Bar & Restaurant (cost not included). As well as the companionship of the group, there's lots on the menu here to enjoy - from freshly caught oysters to hearty steak pie.


Storytelling around the campfire each evening - bring your own drinks & snacks and immerse yourself in myths, thrills, love, healing, sharing and the joy of living


Garragh Mhor (pronounced Garrag Vor means ‘Large Enclosure’ or ‘Walled Garden’ It does indeed have a walled garden and historically it was the Smithy for the slate mining industry in Ellenabeich. Garragh Mhor is based on the edge of the tiny village of Ellenabeich , on the Isle of Seil (one of the slate isles of the Inner Hebrides). It lies 25 beautiful minutes’ drive South of Oban ––“The Gateway to The Isles”.


It is a place of outstanding natural beauty. It is wild, unspoilt and peaceful, the ideal location for communing with the natural world. It boasts an abundance of wildlife; stunning land and seascape all around.

Pick up & drop off from Oban to Ellenabeich can be arranged. Oban is 13 miles from Ellenabeich.


What to Bring

This is a retreat like no other, it is in four parts -a bit like the Scottish weather which can lavish us with four seasons in one day. 


Part One:

Bring comfortable, warm clothing, that you can layer on when its chilly and pull off when the sun makes an appearance. Don't forget your welly boots, woolly hat, gloves & waterproof jacket/coat. If you're a keen wild swimmer you can swim in the sea (if you're experienced) and/or there's a fabulously weird and wonderful lagoon to swim in. Bear in mind, this is February and the water will be freezing. Bring watertight walking boots/shoes as we will be exploring rocky coast and wild paths. 

Please Note: Although we won't be traversing any mountains, If you're a bit wobbly on your feet, bring a stick. Ellenabeich is an island built entirely on slate and some of the paths can be a bit uneven.


Part Two:

Bring your Self. Re-evaluate what luxury means to you. If luxury for you is lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, accepting cocktails from an incredibly handsome  waiter, then this is not the retreat for you. But if luxury for you means allowing your body to tingle, feeling as if there's a waterfall running all the way through you, being amazed by how quiet your mind is becoming, being awed by your surroundings and feeling an unexpected desire to sing out, to hug yourself, love yourself and you want to go home feeling a new kind of furiosity to write, write, write, then this retreat is made for you


Part three:

Bring your words. There will be opportunities for you to get feedback from Sarah and from the group, so feel free to bring your current work in progress, an idea you're crazy about writing or nothing at all. There is no pressure to perform here, no pressure to read aloud or share your work, this retreat is about you and your relationship with nature. Having said that, sharing our work and giving feedback is what makes our creative minds soar and our writer veins sizzle so you may feel you want to share. 


Part four:

Bring a willingness to be open to experience. Open to the wild outside, the thrashing wind, the roaring sea, the silence of the grass. Embrace your inner self, your dreams, fears, hopes and images of the writer within.

This is an opportunity to explore our outer and inner landscapes, so we may take home a little of the beauty of the land and of our selves as writers. That way, we can put what we've learned into our words, and we will have something powerful to offer our readers.




A chance for us to get the feel of the land. We will breathe, look deeply and listen to the movement of the sea, the sound of the wind, and the different notes of wildlife around us. 


A one-to-one with Sarah about your writing journey or any aspect of the writing process you'd like help with.


We will watch the sun set and then after dinner, gather around the camp fire and get to know one another, have a few laughs, stories, songs and then retire to our comfortable beds, excited about the days ahead. 


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel a retreat:

You may cancel and receive a full refund (minus admin costs) 6 months prior to the date of the retreat. If you wish to cancel within 6 months of the date of the retreat, our refund policy is as follows:

6 months to 4 months prior to the date of the retreat: 50% refund (minus admin costs)


from 4 months up to the date of the retreat: No refund 

In the eventuality that the retreat must be cancelled, either by Write Wild Retreats or a Third Party, a full refund (minus admin costs) will be returned to you.


COVID 19: If you are unable to travel or we have to cancel the event due to COVID 19 regulations, a full refund (minus admin costs) will be returned to you. 

Any questions? Get in touch: