And We're Off!

We're live. We're doing it. And We're Amazing!

You're Amazing. You're amazing for finding your way here and because of that, I'm going to make sure that amazing is what you get from time to time, because we all need a bit of that.

Of course, as writers, we know that life can't be amazing all the time. Writing is HARD! We've all screamed this, tearing at our hair and reaching for the chocolate, sweets, G&T, a bungee jump or the hoover, or something else.

But remember, I just told you how amazing your are and amazing people can do hard. In fact, for a writer, doing hard is easy. At least, it's easier than doing nothing. In the same way it's easier to give birth than to not give birth when the little bundle of joy is making her way down the birth canal, i.e. what choice do we have?

It may be a bit of a cliche to say we 'give birth' to our stories and we most probably don't, we instead give birth to our creativity. We create our stories. All new babies are beautiful but not all new stories are and neither are the stories we create equal. The hard part isn't creating a brilliant story, it's making a story brilliant. There is a difference. It's because of this difference that we're all here, why we're amazing and why this brand new place of ours exists.