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Writing can often feel like a long and arduous process. You flit between the highs and the lows, between great ideas, great writing and feeling like you're writing rubbish. You might have a success one minute and a rejection the next. Or several rejections in a row. 

Is this you?

Is the pressure of the writing process interfering with work, family, time, mood, and even with the best of intentions, your writing process?

You want to write, finish a work in progress, but you're stuck, don't know where to start, have lost all confidence in your abilities and writing doesn't feel worth it anymore. 

A mentoring programme will prove to you that it is worth it. You're worth it. More than that, you deserve to get your voice heard. 

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Joining a Write Wild Mentoring Programme will help you on your way to being where you want to be with your writing.

Work with me on YOUR writing, focus on getting your work in progress finished in a way that works for you.  This is a chance for you to realise your abilities, your resilience and your voice. 

Create-Connect-Write is about helping you to discover, deliver and achieve success with your writing. 

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Not sure? Speak with me directly. Together we can work out what programme would best suit you or whether a mentoring programme is right for you at all. It may be all you need right now is a bit of reassurance or a touch of accountability or firm goal setting. I can give you that in a one hour online call. It's free and this is because I want what's best for you. I want you to write and keep on writing in the best way you can.

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Mentoring for You & Your Writing

  • Mentoring Gold

    Every week
    Weekly Mentoring Programme
    • Weekly support via Zoom
    • 1x1 Goal Setting
    • Weekly email check-in
    • Accountability plan & assessment
    • Weekly feedback & critique
    • Writing coaching as required
    • Up to 10,000 words free assessment
    • Free Write Wild Basic Coaching
    • Free access to Events, Sessions & Workbooks
    • 10% Discount on Retreats
    • 10% Discount on Full Manuscript Assessment
    • Free Plan to Publication
    • Free Access to Member Group Calls
    • Support for Writers Aiming to Publish or Self Publish
  • Mentoring Silver

    Every week
    Perfect for writers who would benefit from weekly support
    • Weekly Zoom or Email Support
    • Intermediate Writing Coaching
    • Up to 500 words critique
    • Accountability plan
    • Goals check in via email
    • 10% Discount on Retreats
  • Write Wild Coaching

    Every week
    Perfect for anyone interested in Write Wild Philosophy
    Valid for 12 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • Weekly aims & objectives Zoom / Email
    • Weekly Zoom Skills Practice
    • Outcome assessment
    • Weekly Lesson Plan
    • Lesson critique
    • Free access to all events, sessions, practice sheets
    • 20% Discount on Retreats
    • Basic Writing Coaching
    • Health, Wellbeing and Lifestlye Journal Keeping
    • Free access to Group Calls