Writing is a journey. Journey's are easier with company



Every writer's journey is different. My own journey began decades ago while I was still at school. I find it hard to believe it's taken me this long, but that's ok. I've traveled far and learnt a great deal. I am here now, in this invigorating write wild landscape and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

As well as a writer, I am a researcher and my research into what nature can do to help writers improve has become an obsession. Here's what I've learnt:

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A Writer's Creativity

"Write Wild can enhance creative ways of thinking."

Nature helps you to be present, it offers serenity and space and allows you to tune in to your unique perspective. The Write Wild tools that I have discovered will help you to recharge and direct your attention, giving you space to develop new ideas.

About me


Nobody needs to hear my life story so all I'll say about it is that for most of my life, I've been writing. Not always creatively, I used to be a researcher at St. Andrews University and wrote many reports, a different kind of creativity, more strained and very dry. Not always creatively when I was trying my hardest to be creative. Writing doesn't always work out the way you want it to. You probably know that.

I've developed and taught many writing sessions and courses for a wide people. Including research groups, vulnerable people, people with chronic conditions and creative writers at various levels. 

I've also written five novels (not all in a good state of health), many short stories, a bulk of fast fiction and the odd poem or six and a screenplay and theater play. I've had a few minor successes but until now I've not tried to push my writing out into the world too much. This year, I will have both a novel and a non-fiction book to and I'm super excited.

I say until now. For the past few years I've been researching how wild and urban landscapes, and nature in general, can help a creative writer improve. I've been amazed at what I've unearthed and my discoveries have brought me here, to you. To a creative writer who wants to improve your craft. 

I studied psychology at Edinburgh University to masters level and with my masters I investigated the way in which creative writers learn, combined with their ability to create and become absorbed. I also got my Mlitt in Creative Writing and with all my research I began to examine the idea of creativity further, take it into the wild and see what happens. The way we learn as writers, the way we are able to become absorbed, to immerse ourselves in our imaginary worlds, this is all about feeling. Nature too is all about feeling. I felt there had to be a connection and I was right. There is an astonishing connection.


It's quite simple really, and you've probably come across something similar. The craft of writing is about communicating experience. Drawing on our own experience to create fictional or non-fiction stories. We know this. We're told this. What we're not told is how to do it or even what it really means when we come to sit down and write. What is means is feeling, rather than experience. That's the simplicity of it. But it's not 'feeling' in the sense we engage in everyday. It's a different kind of feeling. It's a feeling we have to discover, practice and practice some more, until we understand it and when we do, we've taken a huge leap forward with our writing without even knowing it. This is Write Wild. Take everything I've discovered and write with it. What you discover in Write Wild will be unique to you, you will actively seek it, own it and deliver powerful and engaging prose that readers will adore.

If you're interested and want to know exactly what to do and how to do it, book an online consultation.