A  Natural Approach to Writing
Writing is Hard. Is it?

Writing is hard but it doesn’t have to be.


Writing Wild gives you the writing skills and techniques to develop a writer-nature-reader connection and you’ll discover why writing isn’t as hard as you think.


Mentoring & Retreats & Events will dramatically change the way you write and your writing process for the better, while at the same time, transform your sense of wholeness and wellbeing.


Become aware of who you are as a writer, develop a connection with your inner and outer ecosystem and take responsibility for an honest connection with your words and your reader.


This is your home if you are a writer who wants to stretch beyond the words on the page and find the wild places.


Places that will change both yours and your reader's perspective. 

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Liz Webb


Highly recommend the course for opening up fixed writing patterns and limiting thought processes, to inspire a more enjoyable writing process and make your writing richer so it is ultimately more successful


Ella Leith


All the outside stuff met or exceeded my expectations - absolutely loved it! 


Karen MacMillan

Sarah has mentored me and I've been on retreat with her. She is kind, generous and insightful with her teaching. Sarah is my go to person when I lose my writing mojo. She helps me re-focus and I couldn't do this without her.




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